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if i had a hammer

  • News 14 Carolina

    Middle Schoolers get a hands-on approach to STEM

    CHARLOTTE—Central Piedmont Community College uses a hands-on approach to teach Middle Schoolers about STEM education.

    Thanks to a $15,000 grant from Time Warner cable, 450 students will participate in CPCC’s “If I Had A Hammer” program. The If I Had  A Hammer program teaches at-risk students about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math.

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  • WMCTV - Memphis, TN

    If I Had a Hammer on WMCTv

    If I Had a Hammer news report broadcasted on WMCTv in Memphis, TN.

  • The Commercial Appeal

    If I Had A Hammer Program gives youths incentive to deal with math, challenges of life under construction

    Perry Wilson, the Fayette County High School graduate with dyslexia who created a math curriculum used nationwide, sees the world from unconventional angles.

    “I couldn’t read until I was an adult,” Wilson said.

    He also struggled with math. When he got a job as a carpenter, he quit “looking at mathematics as numbers and started looking at it as space.”

    “Suddenly, I could do all of the mathematics it took to create something,” he said.

    In 1987, Wilson launched “If I Had a Hammer,” using his own “aha!” moments to help children as young as 10 learn math by building things, including houses big enough to hold a class.

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